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Travel Update

October 18, 2016​

For those who have booked a holiday in Ethiopia, or who are planning to visit and who may be aware that Ethiopia has recently declared a state of emergency, you may wish to be informed of the current situation.

The temporary state of emergency is to maintain sustainable peace and stability in the country and is a precautionary measure. Visitor safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance in Ethiopia – the Land of Origins. There is a normal police presence, but no military personnel patrol the streets in Addis Ababa or elsewhere.

Ethiopia is visited by over 750,000 people from all over the world every year, and was named as the World’s Best Tourism Destination 2015 by the European Council on Tourism and Trade. Those travelling to the Land of Origins this season are assured of a trip as enjoyable as ever. It is as safe now for tourists and business visitors to travel in Ethiopia as it has been for the last twenty-two years since the new constitution has been introduced.

Travellers to Ethiopia will find that all tourist areas of the country are safe, with no curfews. Caution when travelling at the borders is advised, as it is with travel to the extreme western and eastern regions of the country. This is the normal advice, and is due to the relative instability of portions of neighboring countries. Ethiopia’s reputation for welcoming, traditional hospitality is as justly deserved as always. Communications are working, with good internet connectivity and flights from 93 international cities providing business as usual.

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization always values its visitors and is there to ensure a pleasant stay for all.

For further information please refer to our Embassy's websites, Ethiopian Tour Operator's Association (www.ethiopiantourassociation.com), and Ethiopian Airlines (www.ethiopianairlines.com).


Ethiopian Tourism Organization
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia